Corporate Policy

“Integrity, Teamwork, Professionalism, Innovation, Excellence”

Bukaka's commitment to the implementation of good corporate governance represents its compliance against prevailing laws as the company operates within Indonesia's jurisdiction. Besides, the commitment to GCG implementation also shows the Company's responsibility to consistently realize accountability and maintain good reputation of the company in the public as well as to develop a healthy organization that can facilitate the realization of corporate vision and mission as the expectation of the shareholders and stakeholders.


In implementing the good corporate governance, Bukaka refers to 5 (five) aspects of good corporate governance, they are:


a. Transparency
  The aspect of transparency is implemented through the provision of broad access to the shareholders and the stakeholders in order to gain accurate corporate information and data at timely manner.
b. Accountability
  The Company upholds the aspect of the accountability through the enactment of good corporate governance principles across the business lines.
c. Responsibility
  The aspect of responsibility is applied to each process of strategic decision making with significant impact on the organization.
d. Independence
  The aspect of independence is realized through professional management of the company, in which intervention and conflict of interest with potential operational impact are kept at minimum.
e. Fairness
  The Company realizes the aspect of fairness through the provision of fair and equal access to information and data of the company.