Employment, Health and Work Safety Aspect

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Employment, Health and Work Safety Aspect

The Company’s commitment remains intact to pursue the better health and welfare for all stakeholders of the Company, particularly the employees at the business environment of the Company. The Company is fully aware of the responsibility for the Health and Work Safety at the operational locations of the company in order to secure the accountability of the Company in the public and trust from our customers. Having healthy and prosperous employees means that we can be assured of their ability to deliver the optimum duty performance and help realize the business targets.

Free Social Service Eye Examination and Glasses

The event is one of concatenation world vision day events, as well as to commemorate 41th anniversary of our company PT. Bukaka Teknik Utama Tbk. Free Social Service Eye Examination & Glasses are carried out on school-aged children who have vision problems. Costs incurred by the company amounted to IDR 33,175,844.

Cataract Social Charitys

To commemorate 41th Bukaka Teknik Utama Anniversary, We held an event Bakti Sosial Operasi Katarak collaborated with Klinik mata Jakarta Eye Center Cibubur. This program is corporate social responsibility form towards the community and the surrounding environment. This activity is included in our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. Free Social Services for Cataract Surgery is carried out on employees / families / residents around the company who have been diagnosed with cataracts and / or require cataract surgery. Costs incurred by the company amounted to IDR 114.175.844.

Blood Donors

Blood donors is a routine activities of PT Bukaka Teknik Utama that held every 3 month every year, collaborated with Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI)Bogor Branch. The Purpose of this activity is to help the blood transfusion unit namely the Indonesia Red Cross(PMI), this activity also to increased the employee sense of social concern and the environment to help and share around. Costs incurred by the company amounted to IDR 9.300.000.