Suspension Bridge

Bukaka Suspension Bridge is a Suspension Bridge typed Rigid. This bridge consists of Standard Steel Truss components those are made with high precision and assembled with bolts. This bridge has various function with different spesifications of each function, as follows:


1. Rigid Suspension Bridge for passenger’s vehicle with width of bridge 2,5 Meters,

2. Rigid Suspension Bridge for Pedestrian Type I with width of bridge 1,8 Meters and

3. Rigid Suspension Bridge for Pedesatrian Type II with width of bridge 1,4 Meters.


This bridge is planned to use the steel deck plate that can rivet the cross girder with bolts as its connector. This bridge is very suitable to support the development of the village economy. Some examples of Bukaka Suspension Bridge : Multifunction Suspension Bridge Span 176 Meters at Desa Sugiwaras-Lawang Agung, Kec. Tebing Tinggi Kab. Empat Lawang; our newest, Pedestrian Suspension Bridge Span 132 Meters at Kolelet, Kab. Lebak-Banten and Pedestrian Suspension Bridge Span 92 Meters at Rancawiru, Kab. Lebak-Banten.