Steel Truss Bridge

Steel Truss Bridge is the bridge consisting of Standard Steel Truss Bridge components made with high precision and assembled with high quality bolts and nuts. Steel Truss Bridge divided into two classes, those are Class A and Class B with span length ranging from 40 Meters, 45 Meters, 50 Meters, 55 Meters and 60 Meters. This type of bridge has two lanes of traffic with width of vehicle’s floor is 7 Meters (Class A) and 6 Meters (Class B) with width of pedestrian is 1.0 Meter (Class A) and 0.5 Meter (Class B) on its left and right. This bridge is planned to use the concrete floor that fills the steel plate wive which rested on extending girders among cross girders. Those cross girders prevail of non composite system with concrete floor upon it. This bridge is completely supplied, including elastomeric bearings, cross bracings, earthquake reducer, draination pipes, and backrest for assembling the parts/sections of bridge to become a perfect bridge. The bridge that planned by PT Bukaka Teknik Utama has an easy manitenance properties. All the Steel Truss Components including bolts are galvanized and using elastomeric bearings. Bukaka Steel Truss Bridge has been distributed to almost the whole area of Republic of Indonesia, from Aceh, Padang, Java, Kalimantan/Borneo, Sulawesi, until Papua.