Panel Bridge

Panel Bridge is a bridge consists of some module components with the most important component of this bridge is panel truss. Panel segment decides the length of each bay, the lenght for one panel is 3,048 meters with 2,134 Meters for its elevation. This bridge is planned to use the steel deck that can rivet to the stringer girder where the stringer is assembled upon the sansom and can withstand both the active load and passive load. The main component for this type of bridge is the high quality steel usage with minimum melting points is 250 Mpa whereas the secondary components of this bridge uses steel with half quality with minimum melting point is 250 Mpa All of the components is coated with hot dip galvanizing process for anti-rust protection. This bridge is completely supplied including pad components, connector components and anchor bolts. Each type of components only consisted of one kind of marking, so those can be changed to other. The easy and fast instalation are our main criteria design, so the Panel Bridges of Bukaka provide the low weight of each components and easy to be moved. The biggest component that has maximum length 5,80 Meters and maximum weight 440 Kg. One of Bukaka Panel Bridge which was be erected is Panel Bridge Type QSR4H (Extra Wide) Span 51 Meters Sei Petang at Kec. Kelay, Kab. Berau.