Composite Girder Bridge

Steel Composite Girder Bridge is the bridge consisting of standard steel components that is assembled with bolts. Standard Steel Girder Bridge is divided into Class A and Class B with length of span ranging from 20 Meters, 25 Meters, and 30 Meters. This Bridge has two lanes of traffic with width of vehicle’s floor is 7 Meters (Class A) and 6 Meters (Class B) with width of pedestrian is 1.0 Meter (Class A) and 0.5 Meter (Class B) on its left and right. This bridge is planned with composite system which conrete floor working jointly with steel girders in bearing both pasive load and active load. It used the shear connector that is welded on to steel girders served as slide equipment connector between concrete and steel so that it is causing the composite effect. This bridge is completely supplied, including elastomeric bearings, cross bracings, earthquake reducer, draination pipes, and backrest for assembling the parts/sections of bridge to become a perfect bridge. The bridge that planned by PT Bukaka Teknik Utama has an easy manitenance properties. All the Steel Components including bolts are galvanized and using elastomeric bearings.