Box Girder Bridge

Box Girder Bridge is the bridge consisting of steel box components that is assembled with bolts. Box Girder Bridge is planned with width of vehicle’s floor and pedestrian as it needs. The span for this bridge consists of two types, those are Standard Span ranging from 30 Meters to 60 Meters and Long Span ranging from 60 Meters to 200 Meters. For the vehicle’s floor, this type of bridge uses composite system which concrete slab works together with box girder in bearing both passive load and active load. The usage of shear connector that is welded on to the flange from the steel box which works as the move-connnector between concrete and the steel, so it generates the composite effect. This bridge is completely supplied including the parts of bridge which is needed to be assembled to became the perfect bridge. The bridge system is planned to be assembled step by step per segment using crane which was be placed on its position. Some examples of Bukaka Box Girder are Box Girder Bridge Fly Over – Pesanggrahan, Box Girder Steel Bridge – Grand Kamala Lagoon, Bekasi – Box Girder Bridge Fly Over – Daan Mogot, Jakarta and Box Girder Fly Over Roxy Jakarta.