Road Maintenance Truck

Bukaka Road Maintenance Truck, is one of the Car Care Products unit in a way designed to be used / damage-repair damage that occurred on the road with the integrated way. Hoper aggregate is made of steel material layered  with insulation to maintain the asphalt temperature Hotmix remain on life.


The whole unit is installed components on the top of the vehicle frame chassis built on Main. To produce results patchwork / maintenance of a perfect road, the unit of the tool is equipped with: Hopper Hotmix a container coated with the insulated wall, Screw conveyor under the Hopper Gate, The Asphalt, Asphalt spraying, Hydraulic Jack Hammer, Roller Compactor equipped with water spray, Control panel / board for the operation of the buttons is very simple.


Unit is designed to meet the vehicle safety standard operating system with integrated and very easy. units of this vehicle is protected with a layer cat Automotive Underbody Coating and surface preparation using blasting preparation.


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