Aspalt Patch Mixer

Bukaka Asphalt Patch Mixer ( BAPM-3) is a device to mix asphalt and aggregate in hot process with nominal product capacity is 3 TPH or 100 liters per process. It is suitable for pavement repairing work, or road making in small size road.


This device is a breakthrough from PT. Bukaka Teknik Utama to fulfill the needs of hot mixture with a simple and small in shape and size equipment, and able to produce a homogenous and fast hot mixture. Composition of the mixture can be adjusted in accordance with defined specifications. With a compact system and operated manually and equipped with heating controls and features, this unit became more practical, the operation is very easy and fast with optimal results.


Rotary drum dryer type is specially designed for the drying process quickly and optimally. Asphalt tank equipped with a heater to get asphalt liquid at work temperature. Single pug mill mixer type is integrated with the asphalt tank. Power source using the generating sets.


Overall the component of unit is placed on the mobile frame and equipped with the towing, so the equipment is very easy to move from one place to another. BAPM-3 is designed to be attracted by small dump truck as well as a place of aggregate material.


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