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As a result of the latest product development of precast method that have researched and developed by our architect and engineer team who have experienced to focus how to build the residential area fast, efficient and high quality.

Many Developers problems were found when they built residential area that still using conventional methods, especially from the erection process itself, starting from contractor's classic problems refering to the time schedule, maintaining raw materials untill building maintenance.

With Bukaka Precast Urban Residence all of the developer problems can be eliminated, Developer will be more easy to solve their problems , with only 4 steps :
Survey and determine of masterplan location
Housing Design

All processes are handled by fabricated manner, the calculation of raw materials produced by engineers and supported by computerized technology to produce our high quality products.

Minimum activities and more clean at site project, because there are only installation and finishing activities. Developers only focus on banking and marketing process. Precast method makes it very easy for everyone to develop their dream residential area.

BUKAKA Precast System Advantages


All processes are handled by fabricated manner, the precast system can be reduced the time of construction period if compared to conventional systems because every elements of the house can be planned from the beginning and integrated, example: quality of raw materials, quality of concrete and comprehensive production processes procedure.

Very scheduled project completion because guarantee of material quality and beside that the parallel works can be also implemented, when the foundation structure process is starting on the site, the production process at factory can also started in the same time, when the foundation structure already done, the precast wall installation work can be installed immediately. This is very significant thing to reduce time construction and accelerate the schedule for completion of residential development.

Simplified and accelerate of banking and customers in monitoring the progress construction, so this is very beneficial for the developer in managing housing finance.

More Efficient

raw material has been planned & calculated by our engineer teams, makes a residential development process will be very more efficient than conventional systems because of integrated computerized system.

Effective human resources (reducing manpower during installation), which the cost of manpower is a most significant aspect in a construction project. By downsizing manpower, will save the costs that spent by the developer.

Clean and environmentally friendly because of reducing of materials such as wood as formwork that used in conventional system construction. no maintenance after construction such as (cracks and leakage of the wall).

From the past till now the image of conventional houses were ready to use rarely found, but it was often happens that the house are ready for renovation (extra costs) which requires the developer to spend and issue a guarantee fee (only cheap at the beginning), due to poor of manual construction and the poor of quality raw materials, with the BUKAKA Precast system will not happen again the

certainty of costs can be determined by using precast method and without maintenance process (without extra renovation costs).

High Quality

Bukaka precast urban residence system has been passed of the strength and material test held by the laboratory of structure and building of the research and housing development centre of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (Puslitbang PUPR). in order to produce buildings that are safe, resist from earthquake and environmentally friendly (green building construction).

Using high quality concrete and steel materials that always passed from the laboratory test before implemented.

Quality control process that we always doing to make sure our products both before the production process until the construction process.

Flat surface of precast wall with the high quality precast products and ready to paint for finishing.

Statik Lateral Siklik Test

BUKAKA Precast Urban Residence System has been tested and passed, the testing held at the laboratory of structure and building of the research and housing development centre of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing.