Tunnel Steel

Bukaka passenger boarding bridge presents and designs a complete safe passage through the aircraft which required by small to large airports. These are to show the high quality and engineering expertise that goes into every Bukaka passenger boarding bridge. The Bukaka Bridge design can be incorporated to provide the product expected by any airport authority.


Our expertise and system will help you operate even in its most rapid demand condition by providing fast, accurate and secure passenger movement. In 2016, Bukaka accomplished nearly 700 installations around Asia continent. With over 25 years experience in airport system for passenger boarding bridge has put Bukaka in trust for passengers’ movement solution and keeps the solution ingenious.


Bukaka process and production applies to local and international codes and standards. In general, Bukaka conform to the standards of: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, CE, TKDN (Local certification), 5S, etc.



  • To meet the demand for faster and safer turnaround.
  • To reduce the operating cost.
  • To reduce the risk of operating errors, equipment damage, and costly delays.
  • To meet the highest standards of operational safety and reliability.
  • To satisfy passenger needs and requirements by customizing products



Track Record:

  • Experience since 1989
  • Excellent project references
  • Experience at major world class airports



  • Responsive to customer needs
  • Experience in adapting to local conditions
  • Flexible to accommodate on site operations
  • Solid maintenance team
  • Reliable spare parts and sales service



  • Elegant Design
  • On Time project completion



  • Low Maintenance
  • Smooth Operation
  • No Hazardous waste by-product



  • Dual Sensor Autolevel System – Dual Circuitry to provide extra security with additional wheel cover to protect from unauthorized personnel.
  • Adjustable Cabin Floor is designed to keep the surface of cabon floor always level to the aircraft door sill.
  • Aircraft closure to seal gap between aircraft and cabin preventing rain, jet blast and wind to the cabin.
  • Fit Bumper shape to adjust with the aircraft contour with limit switch inside it to avoid overpressure against the fuselage.
  • Anti Collision Device is to prevent collide between two bridges at one gate and between bridges to aircraft fuselage.



  • Visual Docking Guidance System
  • 400Hz (Solid State) Ground Power Unit System
  • Pre-Condition Air System
  • Potable Water Unit
  • Apron Service Management System / Building Management System
  • Telecommunication and Public Address





  • Experiences Record