Oil & Gas Equipment

" Integrity, Teamwork, Professionalism, Innovation, Excellence "

Bukaka Oil & Gas Equipment and Plant System business unit is a profesional company in Manufacturing  and Engineering, Procurement  and Construction Project.  With strong capability to undertake the project of complete equipment  and the general contract project.  We has participated in the construction of great number of major projects.

Product manufacturing in Oil and Gas Equipment are Pumping unit, Gear Reducer,  Mud Tank, and Gas Separator.

Bukaka is capable offering complete design, engineering, manufacturing, erection and commissioning  for general contract project such as : Material handling  ( Belt conveyor, stacking conveyor, Ship un-loader conveyor, Fixed Crane , Fly ash system, Gantry crane), Cement Plant, Power Plant, Processing Equipment & Steel Structure.

Our business unit supported by 25 engineers and more than 200 employees in the production line with skills and experiences.  With  facilities workshop, machines and equipments to executed projects.



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