Vision, Mission and Values

“ Integrity, Teamwork, Professionalism, Innovation, Excellence ”

To be a leading Indonesian company in Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Energy, and Investment in the world.

-    To engage a competent and professional human resources.
-    To be a highly competitive, modern, innovative, and environmental-friendly.
-    To embrace good corporate governance principles in all aspects.
-    To promote satisfaction and added values to the stakeholders.

Integrity / Teamwork / Professionalism / Innovation / Excellence



“Continuously work with high degree of integrity to reach success in everything”

  • Every employee must comply with the Company’s rules and the prevailing rules and regulations related to the code of business conduct in performing their jobs.
  • Every employee is responsible to complete his/her tasks and assignments, and committed to deliver the results within the Company expectation.
  • Every employee must be honest in disclosing facts (data and information) related to the Company’s well being, and the execution of his/her duties and responsibilities.
  • Every employee must effectively utilize working hours in accordance to the Company’s rules, and should not utilize working hours for personal interest.
  • GCG to the interest of stakeholders



“Continuously build solid teamwork to achieve healthy working environment and optimal performance results”

  • To create a harmonious and professional working environment, every employee must be committed to develop solid teamwork to achieve optimum results.
  • Every employee should continually improve solid teamwork to foster greater synergy for optimum results.
  • Every employee should actively contribute and be responsible to the overall organizational development and not only concern for individual success.



“Continuously act and behave professionally to promote healthy working environment and to achieve best performance”

  • Every employee is responsible to complete every task, job, and assignment with the best performance, and also be flexible for any changes in work plans, schedules, and other relevant things that might evolve as work moves forward.
  • Every employee should be emotionally mature, and be responsible for everything he/she has done. He/she should be open to positive feedback given by others.
  • Every employee should respect to others as he/she respects for him/herself. He/she should be pleasant and polite to others.



“Continuously be innovative in improving working environment and in finding new business opportunities as well as in enhancing business processes”

  • Every employee is encouraged to be creative in improving working environment, and enhancing current business processes.
  • Every employee is encouraged to be creative in finding and creating new business.
  • Every employee should think forward and share opinions and ideas related to new improvements. He/she should be able to explore initiatives without fear of being rejected.



“Continuously pursue for excellence in all aspects to reach the Company’s Vision and Mission”

  • Every employee must put Safety, Health, and Environment aspects which refer to the Company's Safety, Health, and Environment Standard Operating Procedure in every activity.
  • Every employee must put forth personal and professional best, providing the highest quality of care of which he/she is capable of.
  • Every employee must commit to continuous improvement, seeking to set the recognized performance standards within the Company’s industry.
  • Every employee must deliver superior experience for all of the Company’s customers, sensing their needs and exceeding their expectations.